What Medicare Supplement Should I Get?

This is a common question we get asked almost every day.

“What supplement should I choose?” As if there is one supplement that is perfect for everyone. If you’ve spoken to a Shine volunteer you probably got the standard answer.

“Get an F supplement.”

That about the only answer I’ve ever heard anyone ever receive if they went to Shine for advice. So, is the F plan the right Plan for everyone?

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As with most things in life. There is no clear answer that applies to everyone.
Let’s explore a few examples that will help you understand:

A Full F supplement is basically the top level you can buy. No out-of-pocket cost share other than prescriptions.

Sounds pretty good. But is it right for you? You can never really go wrong with an F except you may spend a lot more money over the course of your life than you would have on other coverage options.

Lets look at an example:

A Female turning 65 with no immediate health issues.

She lives in zip code 33952 for this example. She shops and finds the Full F supplement from United American is priced (as of 2019) at $179 per month. So sounds great pay $179 per month and that’s it…

Note exactly. She must also buy Part D coverage. That’s for example going to be around $30 extra.