What is The Best Medicare Advantage Plan?

This, or some variation, is ofteh the first thing out of someone’s mouth when then come to our desk.

“Just tell me the BEST plan.” Or “What is the BEST plan?”

Our response is usually the same. There is not really a best plan. Obviously some companies service offerings are better than others but there can’t really be a best plan that would fit everyone and here’s why.

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You look at the benefits of Company A. You love all the offerings of company A and it even has the name of some organization attached to it that they swear is totally unaffiliated with them but for some reason everyone thinks that it is the actual insurer (nothing funny there right?).

You decide that it’s the BEST so you’re going with that plan.

You sign up with upline and a few weeks later your cards come in the mail. Great. Next month you start Medicare and you also have your physical next month. Preventive physicals are $0 copay on your new plan.

“Man, I am a genius!” you think.

Show up at the doctor’s office and show them your new card. BAM! “We don’t take that Plan.”

After you clean your shorts out you call the company in a panic. “I didn’t know my doctor didn’t take this. I called the doctor and the office said they take Company A but they didn’t mention they don’t take your Medicare products!” Or you didn’t call your doctor and check at all, which is common.

“What do you mean I can’t drop it now. I need to see my doc. He writes me all the best scripts. The good stuff. I need that doc. I have to see him. I don’t care if Medicare has rules about enrollment periods. I need to see my doctor. You’re going to drop me now so I can change…” and on and on.

So the moral of the story is that there is no BEST plan. Each person has different needs and see’s different doctors etc. You have to actually sit down for a few minutes and go over what is the right option for your personal situation. There is not going to be any blank best option. Not even the Top level supplement will be right for everyone. No matter what the SHINE volunteer told you.

You have to sit and evaluate it personally. I know it’s hard and you may have to start you’re DVR recoded shows a few minutes later than you’d hope. But if you actually go over it with someone who knows what they are talking about (Not your friend who has never made a good decision in their life yet you for some reason trust them explicitly when it come to this decision).

Then, you will mostly be able to avoid these situtations. Problems still occur no matter what but it will lesson the likelihood of problems.